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Be Elevated


Welcome to Billy's Brew. We were founded on a love of espresso, on an understanding that coffee is about more than just kicking yourself out of bed in the morning. It's about feeling inspired, having the feeling that the world is at your fingertips. There is an inherent sophistication in espresso. It stimulates you, but, somehow, it calms you, presents the day to you in all its richness. Because while coffee has caffeine, ESPRESSO HAS SOUL.

We are an NYC-based startup dedicated to bringing high-quality, gourmet espresso closer to you. Our automated baristas are an attractive addition to your halls, cafeterias, waiting rooms, break rooms, student lounges, anywhere you might seek inspiration. Using state-of-the-art technology our vending machines grind fresh Arabica beans upon order, delivering a wide selection of espresso beverages rivaling your local brick-and-mortar cafe.


The Zen



Attractive and sleek, the Zen's straight-forward design provides ease-of-use for customers. Using the LED touchscreen menu, customers are delivered authentic espresso, just how they like it, in a matter of seconds. Want a stronger cup? Increase the strength using Zen’s 25% extra bean option. Crave more sugar? Or how about no sugar at all? Adjust the sugar content using the LED touchscreen option. Didn’t bring a cup? No problem, everything comes right out of the machine. The Zen accepts all forms of payment, now including contactless pay.



The Cristallo



The Cristallo 600 is a high-volume, automatic vending machine designed to serve cafe-quality espresso. Technologically advanced and user-friendly, it offers up to 18 different beverages. Able to store up to 400 cups, the Cristallo can service heavy traffic areas for weeks without refill. Durable, reliable, and exact, the Cristallo matches the richest, most flavorful shot of any street-side shop.   




The coffee

Billy's Brew uses only locally

roasted, direct or fair-trade

Arabica beans.



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