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    According to legend, in 800 AD, Billy the goat went in search of greener pastures and discovered the coffee berry. In today’s bustling business environment, professionals do not have that kind of time to seek out the perfect brew. canada pharmacy So, we bring the coffee shop to you.

    Billy’s Brew blends innovative technology with artisan-roasted coffee to satisfy your espresso craving. Our automated barista serves up specialty brews, from cappuccinos to lattes, right in your office.

    As our partner, you share in our profits and assume no responsibility for any costs. Billy's Brew handles all expenses related to the acquisition, installation, round-the-clock servicing, and restocking of the automated barista.

    Globally, our commitment is to the well-being of our coffee farmers, their communities, and http://cialisonline-pharmacyed.com/ their land. Locally, artisan roasters craft our coffee here in New York City.

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    Our Coffee

    Four Farming Communities - One Amazing Espresso

    • Brazil
    • Ethiopia
    • Mexico
    • Nicaragua

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    Billy's Story

    In Ethiopia, there lived a goat named Billy, a restless and intrepid spirit. Taken by cymbalta dosage curiosity, one morning he set off to explore.

    Billy came upon an unfamiliar tree with red berries. Unable to resist, he nibbled gingerly on the fruit. Overcome by a jolt of energy, he continued to graze.

    His goatherd, Kaldi, noticed Billy dancing in the distance and followed him to the mysterious tree. Kaldi took his cue from Billy cymbaltaonline-pharmacy and was enchanted by the stimulating berries.

    It was only a matter of time before the whole world would delight in the gift of coffee. Lest you forget, it was Billy’s discovery that sparked the craze. Thus, it will ever be Billy’s Brew.

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